Smart Surfaces with Strong Design

Intelligent functions, beautiful seamless surfaces,
soft 3D shapes, thin and light materials

You should start the development of your new products from the smart surface!

Why? Because the smart surfaces of your products contact with the outside world. They connect to your customers. Whether you want your customers to notice your product, look at it, touch it or simply feel good with your product. Smart surfaces are the key. So, if you are serious about user-centric design, start with the interfaces. And that's where we want to help you.

Know How

You want to take advantage of our know-how? Feel free to do so! We have been the pioneers in the field of smart surfaces for more than ten years. Our world is electronics on plastic films. Here, we are the experts.


Are you looking for smart surfaces with awesome design and outstanding functionality which your customers will love?This is exactly what we want to do for you. We offer smart surface development based on our technology.

Manufactory and Prototypes

Of course, you will need some prototypes and samples before starting the serial production. The plastic electronic manufactory can do that for you. Also, small serial production will be produced there.

Industrial Production

Worried about the production of disruptive new technology?plastic electronic and its strong production network will manage the ramp-up of your novel smart surfaces. We provide prototypes and samples as well as small and large serial production.

touchskin User Interfaces

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multiskin Circuit Carrier

multiskin is our technology to create smart surfaces with thin laminates of standard plastic films.
These film laminates are particularly suitable for larger surface areas also with smooth 3D forms.


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