touchskin User Interfaces

Touch-sensitive surfaces with integrated lighting for seamless integrations

touchskin User Interfaces are touch-sensitive surfaces with integrated lighting for the application in e.g. automotive interior and exterior surfaces, in appliances or in furniture surfaces. In some ways, the touchskin User Interfaces are like touch screens, but there are some major differences.

touchskin Is No Touch Screen

Unlike the touch screen, touchskin User Interfaces can be seamlessly integrated even in large 3D surfaces. Because of the 3D shapeable surface, for example, also a finger guide can be realized.

A touchskin User Interface consists of clearly defined controls and lighting elements, which are fixed positioned on the surface according to certain rules. The surface can be variously designed in terms of haptics, visual effects and forms.

touchskin User Interfaces are manufactured using multiskin technology. Therefore, the parts with touchskin User Interfaces can be realized very thin (<3mm) and lightweight.

5 Steps To Get Your touchskin User Interface

Step 1: Evaluate touchskin for your application​

Take a look at the documentations we created for you. Each documentation contains detailed information allowing you to evaluate the touchskin concept technically and economically.
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Step 2: Check the look and feel of touchskin User Interfaces

For each of the documented touchskin User Interfaces you will also have a demonstrator available in order to check the look and feel of the surface, the light quality and the quality of the touch function. With the documentation and the demonstrator, you will have all information required for profound decision-making.
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Step 3: Design the touchskin User Interfaces for your application

Each design of a touchskin User Interface has to follow certain rules. We provide you with the touchksin Design Guide for the design of your individual User Interface.
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Step 4: Let us develop and produce your touchskin User Interface

plastic electronic manufacture your touchskin prototypes and samples using multiskin technology. You will receive the prototypes and samples together with a detailed documentation including the layouts of the single layers, the bill of materials, the list of process steps and a cost calculation. So you will have all the information you need to evaluate your touchskin user interfaces for the serial application.

Step 5: Let us produce or get your production license

plastic electronic and its strong production network will manage the production ramp-up of your touchskin User Interface. We will do small and large serial production for you.Are you a manufacturer or do you want to use your established supplier? Get your production license for touchskin User Interfaces using multiskin technology. You will receive detailed processing instructions and specific support for each touchskin User Interface.
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Application examples for touchskin user interfaces


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