touchskin Control Panel for Washing Machines

The control panel for washing machines integrates electronics, touch sensors and backlighting in one less than 3mm thin multiskin film laminate. The multiskin film can be 3D formed and mounted on an injection molded frame. Particularly noteworthy is the novel control concept with intuitive user guidance.

From the user’s view the user-friendliness has to be highlighted. The black panel effect and the intuitive controlling enable an intelligent control guidance. Those control functions that cannot be activated at the moment are not visible. Only when they can be used, they will be illuminated. The insignificant stays in the dark.

The control panel for washing machines is a registered design of plastic electronic.

Disruptive Technology

A technical specialty is the control panel’s complexity: 40 touch sensors and LEDs on the control panel are interconnected on two circuit carrier films. Each single light element is homogeneously lighted with light guides and disconnected from neighboring light elements by a light separator.

  • Overall thickness < 3mm
  • Overall weight 200 g
  • Operating voltage 5 V
  • Current 800 mAmp
  • Black-panel-effect
  • Integration into a „Window-Panel“

The concept includes several different versions with different lighting concepts and electronics concepts. There are versions which focus on cost efficiency and others that give the priority to design. A special design-highlight is the version with a chrome-like surface which gives the control panel for washing machines an upmarket look and feel.

The state of the art control panel

Unique Design and Usability

Intuitive user guidance enabled by an impressive lighting concept using the black panel effect. The insignificant stays in the dark.

High-class Surface

Seamless flat or 3D formed décor integrates perfectly to many kinds of household appliance housings.

Impressive Lighting

Homogeneously illuminated lighting elements with no over-shining due to light guides and light separators.

Thin and lightweight

All electronics function, lighting and décor integrated in a thin film laminate. Easy to transport, easy to handle, easy to mount.

Do end-users like it?

We used the touch control panel for washing machines to find out if end-users like this control solution for home appliances. See the answers in this video.