touchskin Automotive User Interfaces

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User interfaces and ambient lighting. Seamlessly integrated, 3D, thin and lightweight.

Automotive surfaces should become thinner,
lighter and integrate seamlessly in the interior of the car.

Obviously, it’s getting harder to meet today’s requirements of the automotive industry for user interfaces and interior lighting.

Not for touchskin!

  • touchskin Automotive Surfaces combine all the required factors. touchskin stands for innovative technology and unique design, due to being able to break the boarders between electronics and plastics.

  • touchskin User Interfaces offer intuitive interaction with vehicles: operating the center console with simple gestures or touch-interaction with functional trims – this is the new way of communicating with cars.

  • touchskin Ambient Lighting integrates best light quality into automotive surfaces: high light density, homogeneous illumination and complete light separation.

Current projects in the automotive sector show which functions can be realized with touchskin user interfaces: starting with the music transmitter adjustment at the center console up to the window control at functional trim parts. From the operation of the ventilation control to the control of the seat adjustment up to the activation of the central locking system. touchskin makes it possible.

The operation is usually performed by means of gesture control directly on the surface (e.g., slider movement). The illumination on the surfaces has several functions: on the one hand, it enables an intuitive operation of the parts, and on the other hand, illumination can be used as a feedback tool to confirm the operator that the control inputs have been correctly recognized and performed.

In many projects, plastic electronic has developed functional trim parts with integrated homogeneous lighting, including light guides and touch control functionality. These are connected to the on board electrical system by means of automotiv-certified plugs.

The main features of these components are the integrated lighting elements for the homogeneous backlighting of the touch controls. The production of the functional trim parts is done with muliskin technology. The multiskin films are either integrated by injection molding or glued behind the decorative surface.

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touchskin Automotive User Interfaces