TERASEL Workshop Presents touchskin 3D Control Panel for Washing Machines

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The latest version of the touchskin 3D control panel for washing machines will be presented at the TERASEL workshop in Orbassano (Turin), Italy on the 21st of September, 2016.

The control panel integrates touch sensors and backlighting in one less than 3mm thin multiskin film laminate. The multiskin film is 3D formed and mounted on an injection molded frame. Particularly noteworthy is the novel control concept with intuitive user guidance.

There are documentations and demonstrators available in our online store.

TERASEL Workshop presents touchskin 3D Control Panel for Washing Machines

Invitation to the TERASEL Workshop

On behalf of the TERASEL consortium we would like to invite you to the TERASEL workshop, which will take place in Orbassano (Turin), Italy on the 21st of September, 2016. This workshop is a dissemination activity of the EC funded project TERASEL on “Thermoplastically deformable circuits for embedded randomly shaped electronics” and is kindly hosted by Centro Ricerche Fiat. The consortium members will present and demonstrate the results and outcomes of the TERASEL project, together with insights of leading experts within the field of one-time deformable electronics. Entry to this one-day event is free-of-charge. Registration is required.


Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF)
CEA Auditorium
Via Fausto Coppi 1,
Orbassano (TO), Italy


Register (free-of-charge) for this event at http://www.terasel.eu/.


08:30 — 09:00                       Registration

09:00 — 10:15                       Introduction Sessions

  • Welcome (N. Li Pira—CRF)
  • Project Presentation (J. Vanfleteren—imec)
  • Technology Description (T Löher—FhG-lZM)

10:15 — 11:00                      Break

11:00 — 12:30                      Industrialisation and Applications

  • Industrialisation (J. Günther—FNT)
  • Demonstrator Overview
    Philips Lighting, TP Vision, Quad Industries, CRF, plastic electronic

12:30 — 13:30                      Lunch

13:00 — 15:00                      Demonstrations

  • CRF: Automotive
  • plastic electronic: White Goods
  • Philips Lighting: Lighting
  • TP Vision: Consumer Application
  • Quad Industries: Man-Machine Interface

15:00 — 16:00                      Networking Event


The TERASEL project envisions a world where non-intrusive electronics are integrated everywhere. To achieve this twenty-first century dream using reliable and economical techniques, the TERASEL consortium targets to exploit today’s technologies in new and exciting ways. Free-form 2.5D and full 3D electronics are highly desirable for various reasons. They offer various advantages such as better aesthetics, higher user comfort, increased safety, reduced complexity, environmental friendliness, design freedom, and many others.

The aim of the TERASEL project is to establish and demonstrate a complete industrial supply chain for the fabrication of randomly shaped electronics and sensor circuits. In this project the EU research institutes and companies leading the worldwide technology development and industrialization efforts on large area elastic circuits have taken full advantage of their position to tackle the challenge of developing, applying, and industrializing the technology for thermoplastic one-time deformable circuits. All of this is made possible by starting from a conventional flat substrate with a stretchable circuit, which is later on deformed to the desired 2.5D or 3D shape using conventional thermoforming.

TERASEL Workshop Presents touchskin 3D Control Panel for Washing Machines