Professional article about touchskin

A lot has already been published in various journals about touchskin user interfaces. But this publication is for us something very special:

The journalist Reinhard Bauer has been dealing with the topic for years and has just completed a particularly profound article with many details. This has now been published in the current issue of the renowned German specialist magazine Kunststoffe International.

The professional article describes well the novel applications of the touchskin user interfaces and provides insights into previously unpublished details of the technology.

Extract from the professional article

“The touchskin user interfaces of the Austrian technology developer plastic electronic have reached the third dimension. They open up entirely new possibilities for a more organic device design that increasingly eliminates the boundaries between form and function. For this purpose, a functional composite film is assembled and formed at comparatively low overall costs.”

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Interesting for all who deal with control interfaces!

Have fun while reading!