touchskin Demo Set


The touchskin Demo Set consists of the following components:

  • 3 pieces multiskin films without decor with self-adhesive surface
  • 1 piece PCB with microcontroller
  • 1 piece 9V battery



In order to give a better understanding of the touchskin user interface with multiskin technology, plastic electronic provides a demonstrator for prospects. The touchskin demonstrator gives a good insight about the quality of lighting and about the quality of touch control that can be achieved with multiskin technology.

touchskin demonstrator
Among its’ highlights are homogeneously lighted lighting elements that are integrated in a 2.2 millimeter thin multiskin film. Also, there is a pin connector mounted onto the film.

touchskin demonstrator


  • Circuit carrier film
  • 6 LEDs with light guides and light separators
  • 12-pin connector
  • Overall thickness: 2,20mm
  • 3 touch-controls with backlighting
  • 3 lighting elements 25x7mm²
  • Light density >1.000 cd/m²
  • >80% homogenous illumination
  • No outshining between the lighting elements

Using the touchskin demonstrator

The touchskin demonstrator comes with a self-adhesive film on top. It can be laminated on most of customized surface materials with a thickness up to 1mm. Materials such as plastics, wood or glass are suitable. The largest design variety gives the use of printed decorative films.

It should be noted that the surface may have no or only a very low conductivity. A conductive surface (e.g. metal) would act as a shielding layer and would make the touch operating impossible. In those places with lighting elements, the surface must be translucent. The translucent areas can be designed in that way that they appear only when lighting is activated (black-panel-effect).