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TERASEL Workshop Presents touchskin 3D Control Panel for Washing Machines

The latest version of the touchskin 3D control panel for washing machines will be presented at the TERASEL workshop in Orbassano (Turin), Italy on the 21st of September, 2016.

The control panel integrates touch sensors and backlighting in one less than 3mm thin multiskin film laminate. The multiskin film is 3D formed and mounted on an injection molded frame. Particularly noteworthy is the novel control concept with intuitive user guidance.

There are documentations and demonstrators available in our online store.


TERASEL Workshop presents touchskin 3D Control Panel for Washing Machines


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iTop with multiskin film

iTop is the latest product of the Austrian innovation company iRoom. The user interface was implemented with multiskin technology.

iTopiRoom’s iTop is a universal plug and play charger for the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini with six integrated buttons for control functions. Behind the choice of black or white glass front, the touch buttons with LED backlighting and the proximity sensors are integrated with a multiskin film.

Marc Hofer, CEO and founder of iRoom: “With our products, we place high demands on design and functionality. Due to the flat design of our product iTop we had very little installation space available. There plastic electronic could offer a solution: Ultraflat realization of the required functionality at quite competitive prices.”

“IRoom is a very innovative company” Hofer adds. “We are always looking for new technologies that help us to improve our products. The multiskin technology of plastic electronic offers us many advantages.”

About iRoom

iRoom offers stylish and intelligent docking solutions for the Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. iRoom-products are unique in their scope of performance and in their design. Customers in more than 90 countries are served via an exclusive distribution system with high-quality docking solutions.

About multiskin Technology

multiskin is a technology to produce intelligent surfaces with film laminates. multiskin technology is developed and protected by plastic electronic.

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Professional article about touchskin

A lot has already been published in various journals about touchskin user interfaces. But this publication is for us something very special:

The journalist Reinhard Bauer has been dealing with the topic for years and has just completed a particularly profound article with many details. This has now been published in the current issue of the renowned German specialist magazine Kunststoffe International.

The professional article describes well the novel applications of the touchskin user interfaces and provides insights into previously unpublished details of the technology.

Extract from the professional article

“The touchskin user interfaces of the Austrian technology developer plastic electronic have reached the third dimension. They open up entirely new possibilities for a more organic device design that increasingly eliminates the boundaries between form and function. For this purpose, a functional composite film is assembled and formed at comparatively low overall costs.”

Free downloadProfessional article about touchskin

Sign in to our online shop for a free download of the entire professional article.

Interesting for all who deal with control interfaces!

Have fun while reading!

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Ready to see and feel our washing machine console at FAKUMA 2015?

WP_20151009_005Our new and improved washing machine control console will be at FAKUMA 2015 in Friedrichshafen!

We invite you to experience it from October 13th to 17th at the 24th Fakuma in Friedrichshafen. You cannot only watch it, but also try it yourself. Besides, the touchskin full touch washing machine panel will be presented in a new design. We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Fakuma and, as always, to your feedback.

(The panel will be exhibited at our screen printing partner’s stand – BÖ-LA: hall B3, booth B3-3310)


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plastic electronic’s CEO at LOPEC

Philipp Weissel will speak at the 7th International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry this March in Munich, Germany.

Follow whis speech Integration of touch controls and backlighting into injection-moulded parts on

Wednesday, March 4th at 02:00 pm

in Room 13a at the Technical Conference.

LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) is the leading international trade fair and conference for printed electronics in the high-tech business location of Munich. The exclusive business platform addresses manufacturers and users of a technology of the future across a wide range of industry sectors.

As the representative trade fair of this sector, LOPEC highlights current trends, presents innovative products, points to market opportunities for industry and promotes the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and applications.

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touchskin Demonstrator

Here it is: the touchskin technology demonstator:

touchskin technology demonstrator

In order to get a better understanding of the look and feel of the touchskin control solutions plastic electronic developed a demonstrator for prospects. Among its’ highlights are homogeneousely lighted areas that are integrated in a 2.2 millimiter thin multiskin film. Also, there is a pin connector mounted onto the film, which is ready for inection molding and can be 3D formed.  The function is simple: By touching the arrows the light intensity can be changed. 


  • 3 touch-controls with backlighting and décor in one multiskin film
    • Circuit carrier film
    • 6 LEDs with light guides and light seperators
    • 12-pin connector
    • Overall thickness: 2,20mm
  • 3 light areas 25x7mm²
    • Light density 1.000 cd/m²
    • >80% homogenous illumination
    • No outshining between the light areas
  • Ready for 3D-forming and film injection molding

touchskin technology demonstrator IIWhat to you think about this technology demonstrator? Tell us!


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Unlimited Design Options for Coffee Machines

Today’s coffee drinkers want coffee machines with touch control.

Making of coffee

plastic electronic has it’s finger on the puls of the time. Hence we develop integrated touch coffee machine control panels also in complex 3D formed surfaces for the extremely space saving integration. Décor, control functions and light are already integrated in the plastic parts.


Beside the integration of all functions in the plastic parts, the multiskin film‘s almost unlimited design options shall be highligted. Even coffee machine panels in ball shape are possible!

Another aspect of the touchskin solution for touch control coffee machines is the control panel’s seamless, fully closed surface. This way the panel is completely sheltered from damage through steam or dirt.

Are you interested in implementing a similar project? Get in contact with us and tell us your requirements for a coffee machine panel.

If you wish to receive more detailed information on the touchskin solutions concerning functions and control options for coffee machines, please use the contact form and let us know. Then we will e-mail you a document about the coffee machines projects.