multiskin Circuit Carriers

Thermoplastic PCBs for Smart Surfaces

Lighting and sensors seamlessly integrated into 3D-shaped surfaces. Manufactured with a circuit carrier which can be processed like a PCB and is nevertheless 3D-deformable. And ready for injection molding.

All that you can expect from multiskin circuit boards.

Circuit Carriers

multiskin circuit carriers consist of thermoplastic films with 18μ copper conductor paths.

  • Thin and 3D formable
  • Cost-effective
  • High conductivity and current carrying capacity
  • Solderable surface
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multiskin circuit carriers can be equipped with standard SMD components such as LEDs, microcontrollers and connectors.

  • Standard SMD components
  • Fine pitch components
  • Many connector types
  • Soldering and conductive gluing

Light Management

A thin light management layer is used to realize backlit control elements and effect lighting in surfaces.

  • Homogeneous illumination
  • High light density
  • No over-shining


Can this light quality really be achieved with an only 2mm thin film compound? Take a look at the demonstrator!

Temperature Management

For the temperature management of circuit carriers with heat-producing components, a layer for heat dissipation is integrated.

  • Optimized heat dissipation
  • The circuit carrier remains 3D-formable

Application Examples


iTop with multiskin film

iTop is the latest product of the Austrian innovation company iRoom. The user interface was implemented with multiskin technology. iRoom’s iTop is a universal plug

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touchskin Demonstrator

In order to give a better understanding of the touchskin user interface with multiskin technology, plastic electronic provides a demonstrator for prospects. The touchskin demonstrator

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