multiskin circuit carriers for smart surfaces

Smart surfaces

Smart surfaces can be found more and more often and now almost everywhere in our world. User interfaces for devices, electrically heated surfaces in the vehicle or in buildings, surfaces for energy generation, smart clothing … the list can be continued as desired.

But how can electrical functions be integrated into a surface? The answer is: via circuit carriers.

If you now imagine a conventional circuit board, you will immediately see that this rigid green thing cannot quite fit for smart surfaces. Something flexible, thin, light is needed. That adapts to the shape of the surface. Something that is visually appealing and protects well. Like skin.

multiskin circuit carrier

multiskin circuit carriers are all-in-one circuit boards made of thermoplastic foils that are processed into smart surfaces. Electronic functions such as lighting and sensors are seamlessly integrated into surfaces. multiskin circuit carriers can be processed like standard printed circuit boards and yet they are flexible, thin, light, 3D deformable and also ready for injection molding.

multiskin circuit carriers are based on conductor tracks on film

multiskin circuit carriers
  • Flexible, thin and 3D deformable
  • High conductivity
    and high current carrying capacity
  • Solderable surface

multiskin circuit carriers are equipped with standard SMD components

multiskin circuit carriers
  • Fine pitch components
  • Many connector variants
  • Soldering and conductive gluing

multiskin circuit carriers have sophisticated lighting management

A thin light management layer is used to implement backlit controls and effect lighting in surfaces.

multiskin circuit carriers: layer stack

multiskin circuit carriers become smart surfaces

The smart surface is created by lamination with a decor. Basically, materials such as plastics, wood, textile or glass are suitable for this. Depending on the material chosen for the decor, further processing can also be carried out using High Pressure Forming and Film Insert Molding. This creates optically appealing, mechanically stable, smart surfaces with outstanding surface properties.

Seamless 3D user interfaces

The main area of application for multiskin circuit boards is in the production of seamless 3D user interfaces. Please read the details in our article about “Thermoplastic PCBs for user interfaces”.

From development to series production

The development of customer-specific multiskin circuit carriers is carried out by experienced electronics developers who are specially trained in the implementation of this technology. However, design and development can also be carried out at the customer’s premises, whereby the developers at plastic electronic are supporting by design guides and design checks.

In our plastic electronic manufactory, the entire manufacturing process from the production of conductor tracks on film and assembly to cutting, laminating and testing the film laminates is carried out in one hand. The use of flexible, mostly digitally controlled machines and a lot of manual work make a quick, inexpensive and uncomplicated production of small to medium quantities possible.

plastic electronic also has a network of special partners for the industrial production of multiskin circuit boards. Our experts assist in the selection of possible production partners and accompany the transfer to industrial production.