loadskin Pressure Sensor Mats

loadskin pressure sensor mats detect load changes position accurately even on larger surfaces. They are only around one millimeter thick and very robust.

  • Position measurement and load measurement
  • Also for large area application
  • Around one millimeter thick and robust

Layer stack of loadskin pressure sensor mats

A loadskin sensor mat consists of a cover film with electrodes, of a base film with electrodes and of an in-between dielectric layer. The measuring points are formed at the crossing points of the bottom electrodes with the cover electrodes.

Measurement Principle

At the measurement points, the capacitance between the top electrode and bottom electrode is measured. If a force is applied to the sensor, the distance between the electrodes decreases and the measured capacitance changes.

loadskin pressure sensor mats measurement principle


loadskin pressure sensor mats are custom produced up to a size of 650 x 315 mm² and can be put together to form larger areas. The mats are around one millimeter thick, not transparent and not flexible. They are mainly used on solid, smooth horizontal surfaces.


The loadskin electronics in the form of a small printed circuit board is connected to the loadskin pressure sensor mats. It supplies the sensor mats with power and calls up the measured data provided by the sensors at intervals of a few seconds. Each loadskin electronics has its own IP address and has LAN / WLAN.


loadskin pressure sensor mats detect and measure position accurately the load changes on surfaces. Consequentially, there are three essential values for the characterization of the sensors: load range, duration of the measurement, position resolution

  • In which load range loadskin pressure sensor mats can be used?

The sensitivity of loadskin pressure sensor mats can be adjusted according to requirements by changes in the layer stack. The currently most widely used version for shelves in retail can securely detect a load change in the range of a weight per unit area of 30 to 300 kg / m² for areas of at least 30 x 30mm².

  • How fast can a change be detected on loadskin pressure sensor mats?

The duration of the measurement and thus the number of measurements per unit of time depend on the number of measurement points on the sensor mat. The duration of the measurement is approximately 3 ms per measurement point. At largest possible version with 392 measuring points, this results in a measuring time of 1,176 ms, approximately 1.2 seconds. For safe detection of a change, 2 measurements are usually required. This results in a period of 2.4 seconds to detect a load change reliably.

  • How accurately can the position be detected on loadskin pressure sensor mats?

The electrode array of loadskin pressure sensor mats consists of a maximum of 14 x 28 rows. This results in 392 crossing points, which represent the measurement points. The distance between the measurement points can vary from 10mm to 30mm, depending on requirements.