Furniture Surfaces Become User Interfaces

Together with Rehau, plastic electronic has developed a novel control solution for the integration into furniture surfaces. The technology enables control functionality over long edges and surfaces. By simple touches or swipes on the furniture surface, for example, the lights can be controlled, the slatted frame of a bed can be operated, or the table height can be adjusted. So, every furniture surface can become a user interface.

Innovative control technology

Above all, the innovative feature of the touch control solution is that the control gestures can be executed from any point along the entire desired length of the edge or the surface in the same way.

Many applications

The kitchen worktop lighting, for example, no longer needs to be operated by the switch in a fixed position but can be controlled anywhere under the wall unit with a simple touch or swipe.

The “Endless Touch” also allows to adjust the height of the conference table from any position around the table. Together with the office furniture manufacturer K├Ânig + Neurath, the revolutionary operating system has already been integrated into many high-quality conference tables.

Nice integration in furniture surfaces

The operating area is indicated by a plastic profile with a trough-like depression, which is embedded in the furniture surface. This allows to feel the optimum position for the operation with the fingers and to run it safely along the trough. But also, the operation on a seamlessly closed furniture surface, for example along an edge or an LED strip, can be carried out intuitively and safely. The solution thus enables the integration of intuitive operation in furniture surfaces, without changing the design in the least.

About multiskin Technology

Lighting and sensors seamlessly integrated into furniture surfaces. Manufactured with a circuit carrier which can be processed like a PCB and is flat and flexible. All that you can expect from multiskin circuit boards.