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Smart surfaces

  • touch and light on beautiful surfaces
  • organic forms seamlessly integrated
  • thin and light thanks to the latest technology

Start developing your new products with Smart Surfaces!

Why? Because the smart surfaces of your products establish contact with the outside world. You connect with your customers. Regardless of whether your customers should be made aware of your product, look at it, touch it or simply feel good about your product. The smart surfaces are the key to this. So if you're serious about user-centric design, start with the interfaces.


And we would like to support you in this.

Know-how and experience

You would like to profit from our know-how? Go ahead and do so! We have been a pioneer in the field of smart surfaces for more than ten years. Our world is electronics on surfaces, seamlessly integrated, thin and lightly installed. This is where we are the experts.

Development and design

Are you looking for smart surfaces with stunning design and outstanding functionality that your customers will love? That's exactly what we want to do for you. We offer the development of smart surfaces based on the latest technology.

Manufacturing and prototypes

Of course you need prototypes and samples before you can start series production. Our manufactory can do that for you. Small series of up to 5,000 pieces per year are also manufactured there.


We produce the smart surfaces with special laminates made of different materials such as plastic, metal or wood.

The advantages are apparent:
Surfaces produced in this way are thin and light, can be brought into organic 3D shapes and blend seamlessly into surfaces of all kinds.

The technology was developed by us in the 2010s, has been continuously further developed since then and is used in many products. In addition to the freedom of design and the outstanding optical properties, our customers particularly appreciate the low overall height of the Smart Surfaces.

Some examples

  • Operate via furniture surfaces

    In den Räumen unseres Wohn- und Büroumfelds finden wir viele Oberflächen, die sich ganz natürlich und intuitiv als Bedienoberflächen anbieten. Die Steuerung der Arbeitsbeleuchtung in der Küche über die Unterseite
  • Device operation with touch. Pretty seamless.

    Was erwarten Sie von einer perfekten Gerätebedienung? Dass sie sich nahtlos in die Oberfläche des Geräts einfügt und es perfekt vor Umwelteinflüssen schützt? Dass sie eine einfache und intuitive Bedienung
  • Touch user interfaces - the boost for your handheld devices

    Die Bedienung mit Touch-Bedienoberflächen ist viel weniger komplex als mit Touch-Displays und bietet daher für Handgeräte entscheidende Vorteile. Vor allem bei der Integration von Bedienfunktionalität in das Gehäuse Ihres Handgeräts