Device operation with touchskin. Pretty seamless.

What do you expect from perfect device operation? That it fits seamlessly into the surface of the device and protects it perfectly against environmental influences? That it enables simple and intuitive operation of your device? That it enhances your device as a visual highlight?

You can expect all of this and much more from the touchskin user interfaces.

Device operation for every surface shape

The use of multiskin circuit carriers allows the device control to be integrated into almost all surface shapes. Even spherical user interfaces have already been manufactured.

All-in-one circuit carriers made of thermoplastic films, for example, have the advantage that they can be deformed in 3D and can thus be seamlessly integrated into complex device surfaces. Read more about this in our article on thermoplastic printed circuit boards for user interfaces.

For device operation on a flat surface, also conventional circuit boards can be used. Although these are not flexible and cannot be deformed in 3D, they can be designed and constructed in multiple layers with plated-through holes and thus have the advantage of also being suitable for more complex circuits. With flat surfaces, rigid printed circuit boards can be integrated into surfaces just as well as thermoplastic films using the right technology.

Whether with a thermoplastic circuit board or with a conventional circuit board. In any case, the layer structure of the multiskin circuit carriers enables very flat solutions with the best functionality.

Perfect light in a thin structure

The core of every touchskin device operation is the lighting solution. A clean backlighting of the control elements is based on homogeneous illumination of the light elements with sufficient light density and without over shining to neighboring elements. A good lighting solution naturally supports the simple and intuitive operation of your device. Additional ambient lighting such as light rings make your device an optical highlight. With multiskin circuit carriers, all of this can be achieved in a thin and light film composite.

Seamless surfaces for a captivating look and secure protection

Seamless user interfaces are undoubtedly visually appealing and thus increase the value of a device. But the completely closed seamless surface also has other advantages: it protects the inside of the device from dirt and moisture and is also easy to clean. In order to achieve this, printed decorative foils are particularly suitable as surfaces. In combination with thermoplastic films for light management and as a carrier for electronic components and conductor tracks, the optimal solution for your device operation is created. This film laminate can also be processed by injection molding if required.

touchskin device operation for coffee machines

Example: Device operation and control in a flat structure

Together with the customer WimTec, a touchskin user interface was developed for the RE.GUARD product. In this project, not only the device operation, but also the entire electronic device control could be implemented in a very thin structure on a flat user interface.