touchskin control panels are integrated touch control solutions for the automotive sector, for home appliances and for the home automatization. All functions are already integrated in the plastic parts.

+ design freedom + seamless surfaces + 3D formed parts + compact & thin + highly automated production


touchskin Showcases


touchskin Full Touch Washing Machine (2014/2015)

  • 2 circuit carrier films, 4 PCBs, 40 LEDs und light guides as well as a light separator and a décor film in one multiskin film
    Dimensions:  450 x 135 mm² | Overall thickness:  < 3mm | Form:  flat | Overall weight:  200 g | Operating voltage:  5 V | Max. current:    800 mAmp
  •  LED-Display on the machine- PCB
  • 40 individually backlit touch-controls
  • 7-segment display with 4 digits
  • Black-panel-effect
  • Integration into a „Window-Panel“

Link: Video of the touchskin Washing Machine Operation

Download the brochure.

touchskin Technology Demonstrator (2014)

  • 3 touch-controls with backlighting and décor in one multiskin film
    Circuit carrier film | 6 LEDs with light guides and light separators | 12-pin connector | Overall thickness: 2,20 mm
  • 3 light areas 25 x 7 mm²
    Light density 1.000 cd/m² | > 80% homogeneous illumination | No outshining between the light areas
  • Ready for 3-D-forming and film injection molding


Automotive Center Console (2011)

  • 3D formed circuit carrier film with touch sensors on the B-side
  • Over-molded with ABS and overflowed with PUR
  • Contacted to the PCB via elastomeric connector
  • No backlighting

Link: Video of the Sensitive Surface Showcase


Oval Sample (2010)

  • 3D-formed circuit carrier film with touch sensors on the B-side
  • 3D-formed décor film on the A-side
  • Transparent thermoplastic injected in between
  • Contacted to the PCB via elastomeric connector
  • Backlighting possible, but no light-guide or light-separator

touchskin showcases

touchskin Sensing Principles

  • 3 basic sensors
    button, slider, wheel
  • One-dimensional sensing
    touch activation of a button (yes/no)
    touch-position on a slider or wheel (numeric value)
    no sensing of the touch-position on a two-dimensional surface (touchscreen)
  • Simple gesture recognition and multi-touch are possible